I receive a number of inquiries from people whose income consists of Social Security about filing bankruptcy.  Often it is because they are getting continuous phone calls from debt collectors who threaten to take them to court telling them their income will be garnished.  And to make things worse most often the debt is due medical issues.  In addition besides being scared of losing their only income they usually are embarrassed by the situation they are in and would pay the debt if able.

Bankruptcy for me should always be the last resort.  Often debt can retired by negotiation or longterm repayment.  I do believe if one takes on debt knowingly they have to accept the responsibilities that come with it.   BUT, many times debt or inability to pay off debt is the result of an unforeseen happening.  Medical, Financial Changes, family issues are but few of the many things that cause bankruptcy become a viable solution.

However, I speak to my fellow older folks who now collect social security of maybe disability income.   This income is UNEARNED and thus can not be garnished.

I am always here to discuss your situation at no cost.  Bankruptcy should be a last resort but it is a tool to be used when it is the only and best option.