Wills & Estates

Having a will is one of the most important things an individual should do!   Having said this the majority of the people do not have one.  It makes no sense as a simple will can be accomplished in less than thirty minutes.  I do not care if you buy a form at Office Depot, do it on line, or visit an attorney DO IT !!   Let’s think about this.  One creates wealth, accumulates assets, and develops relationships only to leave the distribution after death to others.  Makes no sense.

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Student Loan Debt

Over the years I have become knowledgeable regarding Student Loan issues. I’m afraid I’m neither Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren and thus must tell you that Federal student loans are like Federal Taxes. They are not forgiven in Bankruptcy and collection of the Debt can be very troubling. However, few people who have Student loans understand what they agreed to and what options are available. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is do not default on the loan payments. Often special payment programs can be arranged and YES loan forgiveness, although not easy, can be arranged.

There is no fee for me to discuss your situation. Generally for little money I can rearrange your obligation terms and if possible develop a long-term plan to address any debt that is your current obligation.

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